Medication FAQs

Frequently asked questions from our medication training sessions

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions from our medication training sessions for guidance in care at home services.

Q. How often do I need to do medication training?

A. It is recommended you attend this training every 18 – 24 months

Q. Are you allowed to apply proscribed creams to Level B services users?

A. Yes, if it is documented in the care plan and there is a TMAR sheet to sign and date

Q. Are you allowed to leave out medication for service users?

A. No. Unless there is a multi-disciplinary decision in writing of agreement.

Q. What do you do if medication has been left out of hours with no information?

A. You need to speak to your supervisor, GP or pharmacist document and act on advice given.

Q. What happens if you forget to sign the MAR sheet?

A. As soon as you realise phone your supervisor and fill in a medication error form.

Q. What tasks require specialist medication training?

A. Peg feeding, Stoma care, Buccal midazolam

Q. What happens with refused and non-administered medication?

A. It needs to be put in an envelope and returned to the pharmacist with a completed disposal form

Q. With Level B medication what defines prompting?

A. Prompting is reminding the person that it is time to take their medication not dispensing the medication for them

Q. With Level B medication what defines assistance?

A. Opening bottles and boxes, reading labels and clarifying time of day, dispensing medication into a box or medicine cup not dispensing it directly into the service users’ hand or mouth.

Q. What happens if you give the wrong medication at the wrong time?

A. Phone the GP or out of hours in the first instance and act on advice given. Then report it to your supervisor documenting what has happened.

If you have a burning question that isn't answered above please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will be able to help

If you would like to attend one of our medication training sessions you can view our upcoming dates and book here - /training-courses/medication-awareness-training-dumfries

Meeting Your Training Needs

The training offered will change over different periods of the year and in relation to changes in practice, we need to keep this fresh & up to date.