Unpaid Carers Difficult Situations

Join us for an empowering information session designed specifically for unpaid carers. This workshop-style session aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for handling difficult situations that carers often encounter in their unpaid carer roles. Led by experienced facilitators, the session will delve into various aspects of challenging interpersonal dynamics, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Session Goal

The goal of this information session is to equip unpaid carers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate difficult situations effectively. By exploring topics such as handling challenging interactions, understanding healthy challenges, recognising unhelpful approaches, and fostering self-knowledge through emotional intelligence, carers will learn practical techniques for defusing conflicts, engaging in assertive behaviors, and resolving conflicts.

  • Increased Knowledge and Understanding
  • Enhanced Skills in Conflict Resolution
  • Improved Emotional Intelligence
  • Building a Supportive Community
  • Increased Confidence and Empowerment

Session Format

The session will be conducted in a workshop-style format, ensuring active participation and engagement from attendees. Through a combination of informative presentations, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, carers will have the opportunity to learn from the facilitators' expertise and share their own experiences with fellow participants. This format aims to foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

How to book

To reserve your spot in this information session, please click the "book now" button below and complete the booking form. Limited seats are available, so early booking is encouraged. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.

Please note: This is for unpaid carers only. If you are a paid carer, you cannot attend this training.

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Meeting Your Training Needs

The training offered will change over different periods of the year and in relation to changes in practice, we need to keep this fresh & up to date.