CTC helping you get through covid-19 with our tailored bitesize presentations

Bitesize Courses

CTC are pleased to be able offer you some bitesize learning. These do not replace our full face to face delivery but will hopefully act as a refresher or update learning as required. It may also offer any new staff or volunteers some information associated with the role of the Health Care Support Worker .

We are also offering booked appointments with our trainers if you have a training or learning question either related to the presentations or indeed to some other care matter. To access this service please send an e-mail to info@caretrain.co.uk with the following title in the subject header ‘I have a question?’ On receipt of which, one of the trainers will be in touch and offer you an individual telephone appointment for advice / information support.

Whilst we have suspended our face to face teaching, or office remains ‘virtually’ open and all e-mail and telephone communication is redirected and picked up by a member of staff. SVQ candidates should have received a communication from their assessor already. If not, please contact your assessor or email us.

Infection Control

This course covers viral and droplet infections, including the flu, the use of personal protective equipment and hand hygiene. This course is suitable for anyone working within the care sector.

Roles & Responsibilities

This course gives an understanding of Roles and Responsibilities of care and support workers including care standards and confidentiality

Support & Protection of Vulnerable Groups

This course covers the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. How to recognise abuse, awareness of abuse, abusive practices and protection of vulnerable groups in the care environment.

Record Keeping

This course gives an overview of the importance of record keeping in a care environment

First Aid

This short video outlines basic life support demonstrating the process of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation applied to an adult, a child & a baby.

Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment course will give managers, supervisors and safety representatives the skills to assess hazards and risks within their workplace and to give them the knowledge to produce and carry out risk assessments.

Meeting Your Training Needs

The training offered will change over different periods of the year and in relation to changes in practice, we need to keep this fresh & up to date.