Course of the Month | First Aid Training

30 August 2019

Course of the Month | First Aid Training


by Lewis C.

30 August 2019

With another busy weeks training and First Aid being one of our most popular courses we thought it would be necessary to make it our first course of the month!

Each month we'll choose a course that we would like to dive into a bit more detail in to let our customers know exactly what they're about.

This First Aid Course is without a doubt one of our most popular courses in Dumfries & Galloway. We have run this course for several years now and all our clients love it!

There are no evaluations in this course however our trainer will assess your ability to perform basic life support in the session through practical and rather than being brought to the front of the class to perform it in front of everybody the class is split into groups.

We have a few dummies to perform basic life support on, their names are Annie, Annie & Annie - Don't worry these aren't our members of staff.. We have them in different sizes as well, adult, child and baby.

The other practical part of this session is bandages. You will partner up and practice how to bandage a wound and how to put someone’s arm into a sling. Chances are it'll be taken off by the time they get to hospital but at least you know how to make it look good.

On the completion of this course you will receive a bag with some basic first aid equipment which is ideal to keep in your car for emergencies. You will also receive a certificate which lasts up to 3 years however we also run a refresher course each year in case you would like to keep up with best practice.

Hopefully you will never have to use the skills learned on this session however it could save someone’s life.

If you are interested in booking this course, you can check dates available on our training courses page!

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