PDA Administration of Medication

PDA Administration of Medication

This Professional Development Award (PDA) in Health and Social Care: Administration of Medicine at SCQF level 7 is a new qualification which has been designed to meet the requirements of social service workers who are in a job role where they assist in or administer medication to individuals.

About this course

The PDA Adminstration of Medication is assessed in the workplace. Examples of the settings or centres in which the SVQ is likely to be delivered include: the NHS, private healthcare providers, adult care settings and training centres. This course is aimed at individuals who currently work in the health & social care sector in a senior or management role.

Cost: £400

Enrolment Length: 3 - 4 Months

Course Format: Workplace Coursework

Entry Requirements: Must be in a role that administers medication.

Who's this course for?

The target audience for this award includes the following groups, those who are invlolved in adminstering medication in social services and related settings, residential care workers, support workers and day care workers in services for older people, children and young people, mental health, care at home, housing support and personal assistants.


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Are you eligible?

  • Aged 16 or over
  • Not in education or involved in any other SDS funded programme
  • Unemployed and looking to get back into work
  • Employed, earning less than £22,000 per year and looking to progress in or change your job
  • Resident in Scotland

To apply for ITA funding please visit the link below. Once you have selected the course you will receive an email from us for further instruction.



On successful completion of this Professional Development Award (PDA) in Health and Social Care Administration of Medication at SCQF level 7, you gain 16 credits. This qualification has been designed to meet the requirments of social service workers who are in a job role where they assist in or administer medication to individuals.


The award consists of 2 SQA untis, SCQF 16 credits at level 7.

  • F9D9 34 Administration of Medication
  • DK2X 04 Administer Medication to Individuals


A mixture of independent and guided learning. This means you must be able to attend a half day online workshop once a fortnight for a minimum of 5-6 sessions. In between these sessions you will have some research/study/assignment work. Assesment is ongoing and will take form of written reflective accounts and observation in the workplace.

How to apply?

To apply for your SVQ with CTC you must complete our application form. Once you have completed this please email it to info@caretrain.co.uk and one of team members will be in touch with you in due course.

Meeting Your Training Needs

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