Support from Hospital to Home

Hospital Discharge Training

Free training for individuals who are embarking on a role as an unpaid carer

This service is free for individuals who are embarking on a role as an unpaid carer, prior to taking a relative home from hospital or to increase their skill base if they are already providing care.

Training is delivered through short learning sessions taylored the inidivual needs of the carer equipping them with the knowledge and skills that will increase their confidence in undertaking unpaid caring roles.

The short learning sessions will focus on enabling the prospective carer to be equipped, knowledgeable and enabled to take their loved one home and deliver the appropriated person-centred care.This may be as part of a care package or when there is no package available but the individual wishes to return home.


There are numerous benefits of this service to new unpaid carers and to those who are already carers in addition to benefits to organisations and services that may be part of the carers journey.

  • An increase in knowledge and skills in relation to the care and intervention required for the individual they are caring for.
  • Increased confidence to provide safe care
  • To be able to make better informed choices
  • To be able to self-assess care and abilities
  • To be able to sign post early if further specialist intervention is required
  • Enhanced awareness of managing risk in relation to those being cared for
  • Facilitate safe discharge from hospital
  • Reduce readmission to hospital

Delivery & Training

Learning sessions can and will be tailored to the individual needs required for the carer and will be delivered in various formats from 1:1 to small learning groups.

  • Personal Care/Skin Integrity/Oral Hygiene 2hrs
  • Nutrition/Hydration/malnutrition - 2hr
  • Infection control/catheter care – 2hr
  • Medication management – 2 hr
  • First aid – 2hrs
  • Palliative care – 2hrs
  • Self-care, managing change, difficult conversations – 2hrs
  • Dementia care
  • Epilepsy
  • Foot Care
  • Assertiveness
  • Stress
  • Mental Health
  • Risk assessment – slips trips and falls
  • Support and Protection

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Following attendance at the sessions we offer telephone support (helpline) to signpost appropriate intervention (9 – 5 Mon – Fri) and ongoing support.

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Meeting Your Training Needs

The training offered will change over different periods of the year and in relation to changes in practice, we need to keep this fresh & up to date.